Trigeminal Neuralgia Community

I was diagnosed in the ER with having what is likely atypical trigeminal neuralgia (TN2). My doctor referred me to a neurologist who does...
I had Gamma-Knife Surgery 4 months ago for Trigeminal Neuralgia. After the surgery, I felt no different than before. However, recently,...
Hello. About a month ago I had a dull aching in my jaw. I also had some ear pain and my jaw was clicking/popping. I also had some tooth s...
My 14y/o son has been complaining of "shooting electrical pain" over the past few months. At first it was here and there, but now he sai...
I think i have Trigeminal Neuralgia but the doctors and the psychiatrist will not listen to me, please if anybody can help i would be ver...
I have a sharp shooting pain in between corner of right eye and nose. It really only hurts if the slightest touch. If it is windy or co...
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