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MEDICAL EMERGENCY- CALL YOUR DR. or 911! This forum is for questions and support regarding urgent care issues such as: Abscess, Angina, Animal Bites, Bronchitis, COPD, Cuts, Flu, Food Poisoning, Heart Attack, Mono, Influenza, Laceration, Nausea, Pneumonia, Rabies, Sports Injuries, Strep.
WELL, first seizure, then normal cat scan, abnormal EEG, and now waiting on MRI results. could epilepsy show an abnormal EEG, AND WHAT EL...
I know this is related to Topomax which I take for my severe migraines. I have been on it before and it was coming out by the handfulls....
Does vascular lymph nodes in the axilla mean that there is vascular invasion from a tumour. And does it usually mean it's cancerous?? ...
i am a 47 yr old female who has been working the night shift for about 6 months. i cam home , ate , told my husband i was going to bed a...
Well where do i start. I was diagnosed with crohn's disease when i was about 6, i had my first operation to remove pollips from my colo...
Hi: I am dealing with my second bout with a staph infection (had one last year about this time). It is at the bottom of the back of my ...
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