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Questions in the Urogynecology forum are answered by Bruce Crawford, MD, J. Kyle Mathews, MD, and other medical professionals and experts. Topics covered include overactive bladders, bladder pain, fallen/drooping bladder, bowel urgency, bowel prolapse, cystitis, incontinence, pain with intercourse, rectal prolapse, surgery, urinary urgency, and uterine prolapse.
I ended up with a stitch through my bladder following a sling procedure. To remove it, the original incision on my lower abdomen was reop...
I had to have stitch removed from my bladder which resulted from an otherwise successful sling procedure that replaced the mesh sling tha...
does anal sex causes loosening of spincter muscles of anus and can it lead to fecal incontinence?
I have u.t.i a lot and recently I have bright red blood dripping out at the very end of every urine stream with burning and lower back pa...
I had surgery on January 14 for stress incontinence. The procedure was an urethral sling. I am experiencing difficulty with emptying my ...
UTI. She also suggesting a possible yeast infection or BV, but not really sure she sent me on my way. (note, both of these I have tried t...
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