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Questions in the Urogynecology forum are answered by Bruce Crawford, MD, J. Kyle Mathews, MD, and other medical professionals and experts. Topics covered include overactive bladders, bladder pain, fallen/drooping bladder, bowel urgency, bowel prolapse, cystitis, incontinence, pain with intercourse, rectal prolapse, surgery, urinary urgency, and uterine prolapse.
I had a uterus prolapse so as result I ended up with having a full hysterectomy. But, now i have what you have. With no relief. If you fi...
My symptoms are: Urethral feeling of needing to pee, a vague sense of bladder fullness even though not full. Sometimes I catch and notic...
62 yo. hysterectomy 40 years ago. uncontrollable urge to urinate, sometimes no output. can go or feel the need over 30 times a day. no...
I am not fiorcing urine nor do I have a uti but have you heard if large very connected bubbles in urine with a woman? They are larger tha...
Quick history: tubal, hysterectomy, recent colonoscopy, current interstitial cystitis. The surgeries were 2002, 2004 and the colonoscopy ...
Hi. I have this massive lump above my left testicle. It seems like two peas. I would say it feels like a little squiggle. I got an ultra ...
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