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Questions in the Urogynecology forum are answered by Bruce Crawford, MD, J. Kyle Mathews, MD, and other medical professionals and experts. Topics covered include overactive bladders, bladder pain, fallen/drooping bladder, bowel urgency, bowel prolapse, cystitis, incontinence, pain with intercourse, rectal prolapse, surgery, urinary urgency, and uterine prolapse.
dear doctor...i am really in pain..i have very painful periods.so i get afraid when my period approaches.it just pains like hell, bleedin...
I was recently posting in STD forum about my problem. HHH reassured me i don't have an STD, but still need information on my testicle pa...
so my mother has had this mass in her stomach for 1-3 weeks and was told to get a catscan after a ultrasound. i am posting for her becaus...
As a child I was circumcised, but as an adult from time to time I seem to develop phemosis, where my foreskin is smaller around than the ...
I have white painless odourless substance dripping from my penis,sometimes I have to milk it to find it but it comes out voluntrly,what's...
Hi, I'm a bit desperate for answers at the moment. I've been experiencing problems with my bladder. I'm a 21 y.o woman, have had UTI's...
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