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Questions in the Urogynecology forum are answered by Bruce Crawford, MD, J. Kyle Mathews, MD, and other medical professionals and experts. Topics covered include overactive bladders, bladder pain, fallen/drooping bladder, bowel urgency, bowel prolapse, cystitis, incontinence, pain with intercourse, rectal prolapse, surgery, urinary urgency, and uterine prolapse.
This is my story. Eight months ago i went with a sex worker.Two days after that i started have burning in urination and red scrotum.Now ...
The case is about my father who first noticed a blood spot After urine in 2011. He promptly went to a doctor who diagnosed it as UTI and ...
Thanks very much for your help! Dear Doctor, I had painful urination with shooting pain in the lower abdomen even after 3 days of cip...
I just have a simple question in which getting different answers - can a severe hydronephrotic left kidney cause abdominal pressure, and ...
Hi I had a urine test and everything came back fine except my blood in urine score was 2+. My dr wants to test again in a month. She wasn...
my wife age 44 had this problem of passing urine with pain and sometimes very urgently,her sonography report showed significant post void...
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