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I just found out that I have a triple prolapse.. bladder, bowel and vaginal wall.. I knew it was one but not all three... I tried a pessa...
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How does back pain or tail bone pain correlate with rectocele mainly (or any prolapse)?
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My Dr prescribed it for me after my laparoscopic vaginal prolapse and rectocele surgery. I haven't gotten it yet, I want to talk to my on...
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would like some information of vaginal meshproblems
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my question is how rare is it to be born with these missing parts? I googled and saw this forum, and decided to join with my quest...
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Hello, I'm in my mid 30's, married, and have one teenage child. I've been sexually active since my early teens and have never had anyt...
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Hello everyone, I fell asleep last night really tired so today I just woke up having peed myself but I had pee during the night but I don...
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hi, im 19 and have been sexually active before but i haven't in about four and a half months. Ive been on birth control for about a year ...
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My mother suffers from interstitial cystitis. The doctors in my country say it's incurable, and it is making her hopeless. Does anyone he...
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11 months postpartum I still feel cervix with the superficial touch. No pain. Doctor (obgyn) did not do anything. I want to get it high w...
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Hello, I'm a 51 year old female. I've given birth to three good sized children and am in menopause now. A few months ago, I was hav...
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Hi, I've been diagnosed with a grade 3.4 rectocele and rectal mucosal prolapse also known as a partial rectal prolapse. I've been told it...
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Hi I'm 18 not sexually active or anything like that but I have this problem. I've always had A LOT of vaginal discharge which gets very a...
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I've notice that whenever I urinate... there is more urine in my bladder, I found out when I applied a little pressure while drying off.....
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Hi all, My mom who is 65 years old has some health issues. She is suffering from severe leg pain and also has a stress urinary incontin...
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I will be having a partial hysterectomy, maybe full, depending out what was seen with my ultrasound of my ovaries. I have a herniated re...
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I'm 27, female, good health, sexually active with one partner, using birth control, never been pregnant. Last month, my period started a ...
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Hi, I have been dealing with prolapse now for over 3 years and want to hear the pros and cons of surgery. I have a grade 3 vaginal prolap...
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.suffered peeing like a racehorse day and night for a year, no pain, odour etc. Tested and no infections. Last week after few hours walki...
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I wanted to know if something was normal because for my whole life I have always had to push to pee...?
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