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Hello My Name Is Jason I Been Useing For About 12 years I do normaly take 10-20 every day to few days but some months im doing 15-25+ a day One month i went threw 360 vicodin with out even thinking about it Im 23 atm an i probley do not have much time to live I have very bad heart problems i dont know if its from the vicodin or if its from my kidenys,when i was younger i had problems an was in an out of the doctors i almost died many times, Vicodin has given me sleeping problems also i stay up for 2-3days on very little sleep an sometimes not even 2 hours every 2 days I my heart hurts who knows if its the vics or not i havent seen a doctor sadly everytime i go for my high blood pressure they ask me if im in pain an i say yes then they hand me 90 vicodin an send me on my way i try not to take them but i do anyways to relax i wish there was something i could do but my blood pressure seems to feel low when i take vicodin the most i took in 6 hours was 19 pills sadly i almost died but i made it threw i just hope who gets this msg takes my warnning before its too late for you Please Do Not Over Do It >.> Please Post Your Stories
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Jason, have you found a way to stop without haveing to take something else?
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