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I am a 48 yr old male who was diagnosed with viral myocarditis 15 months ago. My EF at one point was 12% but has since been 55% to 65%. I have always been very active, a non-smoker, non-drinker, no history of high BP or heart disease, which the doctors attributed my thus-far recovery to. At present time I am on Coreg CR, simvastatin, 81 mg. 81 mg aspirin. I was following a low-salt diet at the advice of my doctors but have since been instructed to increase my daily salt intake. I have had a echocardiogram w/bubble test, stress test, several ultrasounds with results indicating that a heart cath is not necessary. My questions are 1. Has anyone experienced skin sensitivity around the left side area and some aching in the ribs? 2. Shoulder blade popping, muscle cramping on left side of back and joint discomfort? 3. Does anyone know what a normal recovery time is for myocarditis and is the side pain and shoulder popping/muscle cramping any side effects of this illness? I would like to communicate with others that have had myocarditis.
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