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I goofed up by not reading the fine print in detail. I started taking D3 60000 IU a day instead of once a week. This happened for 13 days...
I am in sunlight a fair amount but obviously far less in the winter. But otherwise, I'm not a big vitamin person, don't take a lot, etc....
My Vitamin D level was 23 and my doctor suggested taking 1000IU of Vitamin D a day. When he rechecked my levels my D level moved up to 30...
If you're taking D3 and magnesium (and feeling pretty good), should you also be taking K2? It is said that you take D3 and K2 at the s...
Hi, My Vitamin D level was 16 ng in late May 2015. Doctor prescribed 50,000 IU Vitamin D2 which I took for 8 weeks. I was retested and...
Hi, my endocrinologist recommended to my doctor that I should be taking 20,000IU vitamin D loading dose over 7 weeks for level of 25 nmol...
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