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Vitamins are substances that your body needs to grow and develop normally; if you have low levels of certain vitamins, you may develop a deficiency disease. Supplements can also be important to provide your body with extra nutrients depending on the activities you do. Discuss topics including vitamin deficiency, food to counter vitamin deficiency, sufficient vitamin levels, and supplements.
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okay, so i’ve been having. the weirdest & most uncomfortable symptoms lately & i need some insight on what people might think it sounds l...
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The feeling I am experiencing started a couple of weeks ago. The sensation is rather like when I was pregnant and the baby kicking. It fe...
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Just had blood results which my GP has advised normal no action Vid D = 35 nmol/L (30.00 - 300.00nmol/L) Vit B12 = 132 ng/L (130.00 - 8...
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I've been taking iron for 2 wks. I started having diarreah this morning but like really watery and stomach cramps. Can it be caused by ir...
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I just took a B12 test along with regular CBP and when i got the test results it was 102 pg/ml level which also flagged as Low . i contac...
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I have had radiation therapy for my hyperthyroidism (Graves Disease). I need to know what kind of supplements I should take. I have notic...
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Hi. I'm a 24 years old woman. I am taking hair vitamins "anacps" from ducray. This is its composition: - vitamins B6, B8, E, PP and iro...
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I started taking a DIM supplement (Genius Estrogen Balance) a couple of weeks ago and within a little over a week of taking it, my hair s...
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Hi, I have done something very stupid. I was suffering from severe allergies and was not satisfied with the regular medication (antihista...
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B12 level is 715pg/ml. Is it normal or require supplement
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What is healthy level of vitamin b12
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After taking supplements for Vitamin D and B12 deficiency for 10 days, my Serum iron increased, ferritin decreased, blood platlets and WB...
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anyone know if vitamin k2, not k1, has any negative effects on platelets ie thicken the blood, increase platelet aggregation or interact ...
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Hi all, My question is could I still take multivitamins as it have iron in it and currently my recent blood test shows elevated liver ...
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Im 10 weeks pregnant and im vomitting any food i eat just after so help me wth any remedies to help me cope please
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I'm working on adding vitamins to an I.V. drip. I need to know what the ratio of powder supplement to liquid dilutant is. I've seen many ...
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Several years ago I took a substance called Neprinol, which has serrapeptase, nattokinase and other enzymes. After about one month I noti...
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I have been having peripheral neuropathy symptoms. After having a battery of tests, the bad stuff was ruled out but the one thing that p...
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I started taking it about a week ago. All the vitamins in the pill are more than 100% of the daily value. Some of the vitamins are actual...
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ive been taking l tryptophan 1500mg for 2months now and noticed its affecting my running, i feel alot more exhausted at the end of my run...
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