Weekly Weightloss Challenge Group

We are a group of friends who are here to support each other in our weightloss journeys! Anyone who is in need of a weightloss support group is more then welcome to join us! One thing that makes this group such a fun group to be a part of is our Weekly Weightloss Challenge, the person with the largest posted weightloss each week earns the title of "Star Loser!" This is such a great challenge to be a part of becuase it gives you even more of a reason to push yourself to reach your goals! To take part in the weekly challenge weights must be posted on the group "wall" by 9pm Sunday night and the winner will be revealed on the following Monday :) We look forward to any new members! Hope to talk to you soon! Bailey
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5 months ago I went from 258 to 235 now I am stuck between 235 and 237 for some reason I am not losing any more I would gain or lose but ...
Hi There, Just joined the group and I'm looking forward to the challenge and motivation. I've been working out for only 2 months with...
Well I did ok this week from 212 last Sunday to 208 this week, hopefully I can keep it up
Do you need something to give you a bit more motivation to lose those extra lbs? Here are 5 tips on maintaining weight-loss motivation...
Well here I am on Sunday, I'm 107, only lost a pound this week try better next week
I've been stuck going up an down on the scale for a while now, I could use some help getting movated to start again
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