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So the past year or so i have gained alot of weight since i started taking birth control. Last week my bra broke and im a 36H (uk size) s...
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So I'm thirteen and I'm in eighth grade. Throughout the year I worked out a lot and I weighed 113, but during my seventh grade summer I w...
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I am 25 years old , 59 kg and 1,63m. Somebody can recommend me a good diet to lose 5 kg?
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Who’s ready for bikini time?? Certainly, not I…………….. With just 6 weeks before the first day of summer, this seems like a good time t...
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I've been taking Phentermine as a weight-loss supplement for 6 months. I currently want to stop taking it, but was informed that I need ...
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Ok so heres the deal. Im a naturally skinny girl however in feb i remarried and since have gained 45 lbs!!!! My new hubby is a bigger guy...
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My daughter is 23 years old. I noticed she had problems with overeating when she was in middle school, but her major weight gain has been...
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Does it happen to you girls?
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Good Morning, About two years I started a desk job, and I was used to working on my feet from 6am-5pm at my job before. I do take the ...
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I am 34 and have always been overweight. I work out, eat a vegan/ vegaterian diet, also I'm active. My heavest was 232, and I currently w...
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I have depression, I have a full time job and generally manage to hide the sad and hopeless person that I feel like alot of the time. Whe...
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I am trying to lose about 3kg in a month, and I want to be able to maintain it afterward. & I want to be able to do this healthily too:) ...
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Hello, I am a 27 yr old female. I have been overweight all my life even though i eat quite healthy and exercise regularly. I recently got...
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I started the paleo diet yesterday. I need to lose weight. Has anyone tried this??
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A gym will help you only physical but Yoga can do much more than you think. Yoga can help you in concentrating your mind and keep your mi...
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So I'm back to this constant struggle with loosing weight, I'm 199lb now the biggest I've ever been. I need to find some kind support gro...
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I have gained 35 pounds over the past three years. I exercise 2 to 3 times a week. I am 4 foot 11. I only eat about 1000 cal a day. Why a...
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I was wondering if anyone has issues with Hormones and looking for weight management too. If possible can you look over this poll? -
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Hello, I am exercising 3-4 times a week with weight and cardio(30-40min)I did Spartan race last year, run 10K Nike run and other competit...
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He is over 250lbs and has metabolic syndrome but cannot change his eating habits or diet . I am afraid because I love him...
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