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Hi ladies...I'm not sure if this would be the right place to ask about cellulite..if not I'm sorry to bug you.....but i was wondering wha...
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I just started Dr. Weldon's weight loss plan in Tampa. A medically supervised low calorie diet with phen D and B-12 injections. I would l...
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So I went and visited a general practitioner that specializes in weight loss. He prescribed Vyvanse to take in the morning then before b...
Hi everyone, I am about to start the Hcg program. My doctor has me taking the Hcg nasal spray, instead of the Hcg shots. Have any of ...
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I am thinking about joining and wanted to see what other people's experiences were.
Is it safe to take HCG if you have Facotr V Leiden? The dr that prescribed the medication was not in but the nurse said it was safe. I ...
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I'm interested in weight loss injections. I've heard of the amino acids ones from reynosa. I need it for my arm n belly area.
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I could easily get a prescription for Topamax as I have migraines and my doc and I talked about it at our last visit. I would also LOVE ...
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I was wondering if anyone has ordered and received the bypass2 slimball and if it seems to be working? I am very interested in it but sca...
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I am using nopalina linaza plus to lose weight. I am 131 pounds, 5'1. I have to lose weight around my stomach and hips. I take 2 spoons i...
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My doctor has prescribed Topamax for weight loss... I was also on Zoloft ( 100mg) for aniexty.. however after being on Topamax for over a...
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Is there anyone out there doing the hcg protocol from the Transformations clinic in Florida. I live in New England and am flying down to...
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Well so far i'm been doing the b12 with lipo shot for one week. I'm so excited i've lost 4 lbs. already. I'm doing 3 shots a week and a...
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I thought taking POTASSIUM is good. But I just read it increases my thyrotropin and messes me up? Is that true?
I followed instructions: 2 pills with water 1/2hour before meals every day. I did not lose an ounce.
I have MS and have been doing the HCG injections under a doctors care. I have noticed a drastic improvement in my MS symptons. As you k...
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I am 54 years old and 223 pounds. I am taking Phentermine(37.5) now for a month and eating about 1400 calories a day as part of a no mor...
My Doctor put me on Metformin for "borderline Type 2 Diabetes" (my blood sugar count is 6.5). About 3 months ago, he started me on one 5...
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My dr. put me on Topamax... for migranes, but also for weightloss... He says it will really kick in and start helping me shed weight once...
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