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My sister has been taking phentremine diet pills that she bought off the internet without a prescription. No one knew she was taking the...
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I know this has been discussed alot on the board but no one seems to answer the question on how big a difference getting the B12 shot is ...
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Hey everyone! Went to the dr. on Tuesday and they upped my dose of phentermine--15 mg. in the am and 30 mg in the afternoon for a total ...
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Do any of you who are taking Lexapro notice a strange smell associated with your urine? Mine has an almost garlicy smell even when I hav...
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What is the actual difference between Wellbutrin XL and Wellbutrin SR. Will both cause the same weight loss.
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Does anyone have any information about Gastric Balloon in Vancouver Canada??? Could not find any clinic here :(
They've just opened a clinic in Vancouver that does the Heliosphere or Gastric Ballon. Its a non-surgical day surgery. That there is no ...
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Which method(or in combination) is best for weight loss HCG , B12, Lipotropics or weight-loss drugs like Qsymia? Also doctors or weight-...
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Has anyone ever had a mini tummy tuck? Just in the area where a c-section would cause extra skin?
has any one had any luck with the herbalife items im thinking of tryiing them.
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I am on WellbutrinXL Can I take weight loss pills such as Relacore or Trimspa?
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Hello everyone!! I am 5'7" 230lbs and just had a baby 2 months ago. I am very depressed about my weight and I am trying to find out about...
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Does anyone have information on at home enemas? I heard that they help weight loss and are alot less expensive than colonics.
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6 months ago I had gastric bypass (ruin y) and about a month and a half ago I had to have another surgery where the Dr. Open up my openin...
Does anyone know oa a Dr. in the Dallas area that prescribes phentermine. I just moved here from Houston and have not been able to fine ...
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I have lost over 45 pounds on the hcg shots, and i would like to here about the experience of others on this type of program.How many sho...
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HI-Has anyone experienced hair loss with Wellbutrin XR? I had been taking it for 5 months and it worked wonders! It's truly a miracle d...
Hello, everyone. I am a 57 years old, 4'11", usually petite woman, who now weighs 190 lbs. I have borderline diabetes, and high blood p...
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I have not tried the lipo inj. yet ,but i am ordering them today.I think i am going to order my hcg injection from europe.Its much ,much ...
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