Weight Loss Journeys Group

A group for people who would like regular buddy support on their weight loss journey. Anyone can join the group the only request from every member it to participate in teh group regularily - to share highs and lows, to be supportive and inspiring to eachother.
What motivates your current weight loss journey? For me it was the realisation that my self esteem had flatlined because of my self lo...
Does anyone want to join me on a weight loss journey? My idea is to keep in touch and to encourage each other through the process of los...
a lot of women told me that skipping is bad for uterus ...my weight is between 65 to 68 and age is 23 and height is 5'3 .........can i op...
hi my height is 5;3 and weight is between 65 to 68.........am working on it ..problem is lack of motivation...after one or two weeks of s...
I've been trying to lose weight and I've asked my husband to help me with my diet and exercise. He loves to bake and is constantly making...
I am starting tomorrow and I am going to lose weight. I would love to it to have a friend or two to do it with me. I am starting at 272 l...
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