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hi, I had unprotected sex right after my period for two days and then I took plan b. after taking plan b, exactly a week later, I noticed...
I had unprotected sex on May 2nd 3 houses later I took the take action pill and once again had unprotected sex that same day I’ve never e...
I'm now 6 weeks pregnant have an abortion scheduled next week. This was a total accident and was the 1st time i had sex with the dad. I d...
On the 2 and 3rd of april i had unprotected sex and took morning after pill on the 4th, only a few hours after having unprotected sex. Th...
I had sex Saturday the 7th. He went in and out only 5 times (I had something else to attend to) he had a condom on the whole time (We che...
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