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Anyone have experience with the O shot or laser treatment like Mona Lisa. We’re in our 70s and girlfriend is running out of gas. Thanks
Please help me out here...I'm dumb-founded on this one. I'm a 20 year old female. I take Yasmin birth control and do my very best at taki...
For 6 months, I have been having extreme sensivity in both nipples plus a "tickling" sensation in the left breast shooting towards the le...
Hello! I appreciate if this has been answered before but I’m having severe anxiety after this one since I really have bad scares as I ...
Hi, I'm a 24 years old woman. I had my period on 28th November. I had unprotected sex on 21st December 2022. I tool emergency contracepti...
Often after I masturbate, I feel itching around my entrance, even though I very rarely finger myself (currently dilating, so not a lot of...
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