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I don't know why bacterial vaginosis keeps coming back. I've had it since I was a teenager i.e before I was sexually active and it appear...
Don’t know if this is relevant but per google it might be, I’ve been on the depo shot consistently for 4/5 years. About 8 months ago I go...
In Dec 2021 I cheated and the guy used baby oil as lubricant since then I have had symptoms of BV and burning with urination. No STDs or ...
Ive got a really embarrassing problem, every day i get a strange air bubble like feeling popping out of my vagina, it happens when i sit ...
Can someone please help me?! I have had an onion smell and taste to my vagina it’s literally ruining my life. I have been to the doc...
Umm I'm 14 and I was feeling like I needed something inside but my fingers weren't doing it for me, so I tried a hairbrush handle.. I mad...
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