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Hello, I'm 18 years old.I lost sensation in my clitoris.I noticed that the skin of the labia majora has become very thin.My libido is ver...
Hi, Im 18 years old and I've started masterbating when I was 16. Recently I've been under so much stress and that has caused me to master...
24 yr old female. History of miscarriage & 1 ectopic pregnancy. I've been bleeding for about 4 weeks now. I was alarmed originally at th...
A month ago I had a bug which caused severe diarrhea for many days. I began to drink Powerade and since then I find myself drinking Power...
Hi everyone, I need some advice. 27 y/o. Before I had my IUD I had a lot of vaginal discharge, it was either thick and clumpy (white) ...
So my clit has been pretty sore lately, so I decided to look at it a little more up close and noticed that on either side of my actual cl...
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