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for about 3 days now I have had a strange dull ache in my right middle abdomen area. It comes and goes and isn't super painful. sometimes...
Hello. After an abortion with vacuum the next day I had very strange rectal feeling, as there was a foreign object. 5 days later I had a ...
I had my only child 4 years ago and had a very difficult birth where i experienced a bad tear and needed to go to surgery after to have t...
A couple weeks ago during intercourse I felt tightness or difficulty getting past a certain spot ( I was dry and should have gotten lubri...
I know this is going to sound like a fake question, and I don't mean it to. But this is something I don't feel like going to a doctor an...
I am 24 years old, and even during cold nights in winter, I feel warm while sleeping. The warmth is so intense that I have to take off my...
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