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Hello - I had a total hysterectomy / oopherectomy in 2003. Now, for the last 3 weeks, I have had severe lower abdominal pelvic area ...
I am being investigated for a vaginal fitusla one day last week I had stool coming out of my vagina 3 times one of times I found stool on...
My symptoms started after an unfortunate event. I was dating someone new and the condom broke. Two weeks later after my menstruation i wa...
ok this is a little embarassing. I mean ive posted sexual questions before, but this one I was temtped to. So I masturbate, yea who do...
I find pelvis and abdominal swelling happening each day. In morning I feel pretty good but by afternoon and evening I am bloated and swo...
I am 53 premenopausal, I have had a very heavy but regular period my entire life. The last year and a half to two years I have had a coup...
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