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I have Paragard and it's made my periods heavier and consistent. I usually spot for a few days before I really start bleeding heavily for...
Hi, a few days ago I started to notice that after going to the bathroom my crotch would feel tender??? dully ache(not sure how to describ...
My discharge itself is white and normal in texture. I can see it in my underwear next to the stain. However I keep getting bright lime gr...
There are so many posts on this but I'd thought I would ask anyways. When I wipe, it's a white-ish(I can't tell if it's a pale green or n...
i've looked down there and I can't see any clit glan or clitoral hood?
Hi, so I'm 18f and I've had utis a few times in the past and one bacterial infection, but never anything like this... Two days ago while ...
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