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Hello,My wife has been in constant pain and she has had c sections a full hysterectomy and she has been in multiple doctors with no luck....
Hi there!! i am 20 and a virgin .. i just dont seem to be able to get turned on at all. My boyfriend was fooling around inside my vagina ...
I took a morning after pill one week and two days ago, after a condom malfunction. I had some side effects, one of them was bleeding, whi...
Is it normal to have a line which runs down the length of the vulva vestibule from under the clitoris, towards the urethra, which also ha...
I have my pap smear result that indicates there is coccobacilli and have moderate reactive cellular changes associated with inflammation,...
Hi, I am 76 and have dense breasts. My last mammogram was in 2022 & it was normal. I had a benign cyst removed about 15 years ago. In...
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