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Hey guys! So, I've tried to have sex two times, but have miserably failed, since whenever my partner tried to go in, there's an immense p...
On March 11, 2022 I woke up with very swollen lips thinking I was having an allergic reaction to some sort of product I was using. I had ...
Ive got a really embarrassing problem, every day i get a strange air bubble like feeling popping out of my vagina, it happens when i sit ...
Hey guys, this is gonna be a long post so sorry in advance. The past 4 months I've been living a nightmare with my vagina. It started hal...
I have some little tiny black dots under my toe skin, it is under the callus. They look like little specs of dirt. Anyone experienced this?
Everytime my boyfriend cums inside of me, i start to bleed days later. Its pretty light and pinkish not very dark red. but last year was...
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