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I took 3 of my friend's birthcontrol pills at once (since i'm not on it) and 5 IB profines every couple hours because i read that this combination would make your period temporarily stop because my boyfriend was coming in town. We had sex in a bathtub and continued to that whole week. It stung when i peed and i had to pee CONSTANTLY and i had horrible cramps i also had the urge to pass gas constanttlyy all that week. I constantly was taking meds for my cold, and drinking coffees, beers and eating sweets breads, pastas, etc. things with yeast. Towards the end of the week it started to be a little sore when we would have sex so we used lube and that day i saw a couple bumps on my vagina opening and throughout the next 2 days i got a couple more (they all look like pimples) I thought of it possibly being herpes but 1. he's been tested RECENTLY and doesn't have it 2. Since we assumed the bumps were razor burn, he had unprotected sex with me WHILE i had the bumps and he's had nothing come up for him. 3. after having sex with the bumps, within a few minutes i gave him head (not to be gross, but i could taste myself) so if i had herpes in my vagina wouldn't i have then transfered it to my mouth too? I read online that water sex gives you UTI's, so i thought it could be from that and turned into a yeast infection or from the lube OR i was thinking all those birthcontrols threw my hormones out of whack plus all the meds and plus having sex in the water and eating alllll these things that make yeast infections worse?? Since the bumps could be candida? I went to planned parenthood and the first thing the nurse said when i opened my legs is "oh poor honey, you have herpes." I got angry with her for saying such a life changing thing without testing and made her take a yeast infection test even though she REFUSED to saying "NO you have herpes." The yeast infection test did infact come out positive. She then took a sample and said i'd have my herpes results in a week and wrote me a herpes presrciption and yeast prescription. i have only been taking the yeast prescription and it seems to be healing up a bit already after one day. I am POSITIVE my boyfriend does not have herpes (saw his tests) and i have not had sex with anyone else in a year, so if it were from a year ago it probably wouldnt pop up the week him and i had sex unless i got it from him right? But the nurse telling me it's herpes and the bumps are scaring me. Does this sound like herpes or a bad yeast infection? I am so confused/scared, Thanks so much for your help!!
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I took 3 of my friend's birthcontrol pills at once (since i'm not on it) and 5 IB profines every couple hours because i read that this co...
I thought i had a yeast infection, i have had them before. I had intense itching inside and outside the vagina, near the anus, burning wh...
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