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They are bands of scar tissue that form internally within the abdomen.They can attach themselves to anything and they cause very severe pain.They can also cause whatever organ they are attached to to malfunction and can cause bowel obstructions.
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2 years ago fell 3 metres off a bridge whilst riding my mountain bike and landed on my left side on the edge of a ledge. Impact point was...
I am in the hospital in lots of pain. My lower right abdominal area. I have had many surgerys. Real quick though, my question is,,, Does ...
I have abdominal scarring. It came from a ruptured ovarian cyst many years ago. The doctor removed it during the other surgery. Just c...
I just am at my wits end, anyone have abdominal adhesion, that can talk to me and offer any suggestions. I feel alone out here????
I have had 2 bowel resections, surgery for an ectopic pregnancy, and other small surgeries.I have a lot of scar tissue. My ob/gyn did a l...
Hi. I'm a 27+ year sufferer of abdominal and pelvic pain, bloating and the usual IBS symptoms. I have had some surgeries- vaginal hysterc...
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