creativity and beyond Group

This is a group for those who love to read, write (whether it be songs, scripts, poetry, novels or anything in between), sing, play an instrument, paint, color....or are interested...to just get together and talk about projects you're working on. a book you've read, a museum you've visited, a concert you went to or just...to chit chat! everybody is welcome!
~WHOLE~ It's all a blur. The people, the places... The names, the faces. I drank to much. I got high. What was I thinking that...
Or i at least try to be! It's kind of hard to find people to share my art work with. Well, people that actually care anyway lol I enjoy ...
I just wanted to say hi and that I am new to the group.
hello all Im new to this group, I love to write poetry. Found it helps me heal/ get thing out on Domestic Violence that I have been throu...
I was looking for some good ideas to help me with my art work so I searched online and found the 100 day Drawing Challenge. Soo I've been...
Hi, are you going to host a family Thanksgiving dinner or be the guest. What special dish will you be making or taking? How about special...
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