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we seldom think about it,but do we know what happens after death??we can not answer this question EXACTLY,because we're still alive!!our purpose is to share our ideas about death!!we'll experience the new world after death...some people never think about death,while they know we all die!!our soul lives forever,but we'll lose all the things we've had in this world,consist of money,house,family,jewellery,BEAUTY,etc!!i think it's interesting because we'll finally buried in grave,we'll be under soil!do you see what i mean??i mean we'll understand they weren't useful,you have nothing right now!!you won't see your money,palace,etc anymore..you'll wonder why were you trying to have beautiful face???insects will eat your body under soil!!!your soul will be the only thing you have...so we should protect our soul and do take care of it...i hope this community helps you know more about DEATH...
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