help get off pills please Group

It's hard to get off pain pills when you can't get out of bed without them. You need them but they take over your life. How do you do it? Cold turkey? Wean yourself off? Substitute with other pills? Help others if you know the answer. Or any help for that matter.
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I WAS off methadone for 7 days and I messed up and took two. I usually take 8 at a time but didn't really want to take ANY but I the with...
I was mainly addicted to norcos, but would pretty much take any opiates if I had to for over 5 yrs. This addiction had me handcufffed. Li...
I was diagnosed with arthritis in my back and over the last few years, I have been on various strengths of Hydrocodone, Norco, and now Ox...
Been taking hydros (any kind i can get) off of friends\ppl selling scripts for 2+ years. up to 5+ a day. i hate it! i have the want to qu...
I quit taking norco after 5 years and didn't experience any symptoms for 2 weeks. How long will this last? (chills, nausea, vomiting, h...
I am very scared and just need to talk to someone.
I'm coming off 1 8mg strip a day and this is the start of day 2. If you guys could give me any tips or advice...and most of all moral sup...
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