help get off pills please Group

It's hard to get off pain pills when you can't get out of bed without them. You need them but they take over your life. How do you do it? Cold turkey? Wean yourself off? Substitute with other pills? Help others if you know the answer. Or any help for that matter.
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I WAS off methadone for 7 days and I messed up and took two. I usually take 8 at a time but didn't really want to take ANY but I the with...
Last night I broke down and told my husband who knew I was taking pain pills but not how bad it was! I scared myself yesterday after taki...
I spent 15 yrs taking oxycontin, duragesic patch (fentanyl) for previous back surgeries. I still had continual pain. 2 yrs ago I decided...
Hi everyone... Tomorrow will be my first day of hell trying to quit 120 to 200mg of opana per day. I've been taking this amount for about...
I am new to this site and quite nervous. I hope I am in the right place. I have been addicted to ADD medication since I was 14 years old...
My dr gave me script for clonidine hcl 0.025mg take one in morning.Have not tried yet but i think i am going to put my mind to quiteing i...
does clonidine help with w/d
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