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mental health chats Group

I noticed there are many groups for each illness. So I thought of an idea to have a group where we can talk about many different mental illnesses, share our stories, suport each other, and hopefully make friends. Anyone is welcome who has a mental illness or knows someone who does or is just interested in this discussion. Topics covered include depression, anxiety, bipolar, autism, schitzophrania, and ect. So feel free to mintion other mental or emotional problems that arn't listed too.
Welcome to mental health chats group. Hope that you like it here. I wanted to do a new welcome for new members and for people who have be...
can anyone tell me if it's real ? Is mid thirties too early for one? Is it a mental health condition or something else? How can we deal w...
I recently was prescribed 25mg of zoloft for my bad anxiety. I have a huge phobia and anxiety about dizziness. I am constantly worried I ...
I often find myself thinking about events that have either happened on the present day, or in the past, and long after they have happened...
hi i ran out of medication a week ago and since then i've been feeling amazing. like better than i've felt a LONG time. idk why this is...
Not a question but I just wanted to let you all know that my cousin committed suicide.
Hey going to finally write an update on whats happened in my life. This will be in many parts. The last time I posted about this was back...
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