self harm help Group

for anyone who needs help with overcoming self harm and who may or may not have suicidal thoughts.
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Okay. I had not self-harmed myself for a whole month, until last night. Recently I had been having some suicidal thoughts, three week...
I self harmed (cutting & burning) for about 2 years straight but I stopped almost 6 months ago. My arms and legs are covered with scars t...
Hello, Im knew around here. Im 15 and have been cutting and brusing my self for 3 years now. I have been diognosed with severe clinical d...
i had an urge a day ago and did it after almost 7 months of not cutting. I usually get my uges out through music. What do I do? im hiding...
I am 14 and have selfharmed for about 2years or so, it's manly starving myself and cutting. But recently I have been straining myself to ...
i have self harmed a few times i suffer with depression and on meds i cut my arms when i was bad and hadnt done it for a while but recent...
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