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Me, being the person who has been on sub. the longest am trying to find out how many people that have been successful!! I'm sure the number is low.. So let me konw your experiences.. bolpak
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My names nick, I am 25yrs old. A little during high school (11th,12th grade) and definitely after high school, my friends and I experime...
didn't even know this was here. looks like not too many others know either. i have been on suboxone for almost a month. i researched the ...
Hello, I just wanted to say hello to other people who are on the suboxone program. I have been on suboxone for bout 18 months and i...
Anyone out there experiencing problems with taking suboxone who are also living with 'alters'? I am the addict in our system and the sub...
Was talking with a friend yesterday and discussing my (and from what I've read, many others) conundrum between wanting to get off pain me...
I am feeling the best I have in 3 yrs. This drug is really working for me. Day 11 off morphine. Eating sleeping and even going for walks....
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