trying for baby Group

any one trying for a baby plz come here and share your sucsess story's or your sad story's we will be here to support you x o x o
were to start, rite well i had my coil out on the 4th of june, the had a period from the 5th of june to the 9th which is when i was meant...
Please let me know if this is a possitive opk as i have never had one before and am a little bit unsure thanks
New to the site and I just wanted to say Hi and wish everyone luck!! My husband and I just started trying and I'm really nervous to see ...
Since I had miscarriaged las month and all I decided to not try for a baby no more... I suppose to be ovulating right now... I'm kinda wo...
I don't know what to think I had brown discharge on Oct 22, 2011 for 3 days and a week after I had clear watery discharge and no period. ...
Hi I'm new to this and I need some help please....I have not had a period since september 10th and I've been naseuas and bloated with low...
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