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Eye Care: LASIK Surgery
Tuesday Mar 16, 2010, 05:00PM - 06:00PM (EST)
At Lasik Plus we know your vision changes throughout your life. But the importance of caring for your eyes and maintaining your sight never goes away. With constant advances in technology, more people can now be considered excellent candidates for laser vision correction than ever before. Whether it’s the hassle and expense of glasses or contacts, health issues, or the desire to focus on what’s most important to you, you have your own unique reasons for considering laser vision correction. Everyone’s eyes are different, and not every procedure is appropriate for everyone. Having helped a million people nationwide through this process, we at Lasik Plus have a lot of information to share with you. If you are considering LASIK surgery, or just want to learn more about the procedure, join Omar E. Awad, MD as he answers your questions regarding laser eye surgery. You can also call one of our Lasik Plus specialists anytime at 1-866-921-2179 or visit us on the web at We look forward to hearing from you!
Hello Everyone! The health chat is going to start at 2pm pacific standard time.  Please feel free to start submitting your questions.
Omar E. Awad, MD:
Hi Everyone!  Time to talk about one of my favorite topics - LASIK laser vision correction.
At what age is LASIK surgery recommended?
Omar E. Awad, MD:
You need to be at least 18 years old to have LASIK.
Is it true that LASIK has a high chance of causing the eyes to dry out?
Omar E. Awad, MD:
LASIK can increase the amount of dryness, but this is usually temporary.  We treat everyone with lubricating drops for the first few months.
I have high eye pressure and astigmatism in both eyes. Is it possible for me to have the treatment?
Omar E. Awad, MD:
You should have the pressure controlled, and not have significant glaucoma damage, prior to having LASIK surgery.  
Omar E. Awad, MD:
Otherwise, if all is under control, you could consider LASIK>
I was wondering if people who have LASIK Surgery are still able to donate their eyes (or parts of them) after death.
Omar E. Awad, MD:
Good question.  You can still donate your eyes if you've had LASIK, but their use may be limited to certain types of transplants.
I have astigmatism in my eyes which alters my depth perception. Would lasik surgery be a good choice for me? Also how much would it cost? And is it safe?
Omar E. Awad, MD:
LASIK is probably one of the best ways to treat astigmatism.
Omar E. Awad, MD:
Depth perception is a function of the two eyes working together, so if both eyes are treated fully, I would expect your depth perception to improve.
Omar E. Awad, MD:
LASIK is a very safe procedure enjoyed by millions of people.  Of course any surgery can have risks, which should be fully understood prior to having surgery.
I had lasik in July 2002. I was 36 years old. I had a difficult healing period. I did not have clear vision ovenight, but about 7 weeks to actual get rid of the haze. I had vision that tested at 20/30 at that time. Within 3 years my vision had regressed to 20/70 and of course I had to go back to wearing glasses. Due to extremely dry eyes since the surgery and finances I opted not to due any other surgery the dr offered to try and correct the problem surgically. I asked the dr why this regression happened and he said probably age, but so many of my friends my age have not experienced regression. Do you have any explanantion for the regression?
Omar E. Awad, MD:
Regression of the effect is most comonly associated with dry eyes.  There are lots of ways to treat dry eye nowadays.  
I had lasik last February and correction to the right eye in different place last September. In both places they said starbursts can go away and operation area is large enough. How long might it take to get rid of this very annoying problem and what can be done to hasten it?  What might be the reason for seeing starbursts?
Omar E. Awad, MD:
One possible reason is if you have some residual correction. If so, an enhancement procedure can help this.
Omar E. Awad, MD:
You also want to be sure you don't have any dryness issues, as this can affect your vision.
Hi Dr. -How long should I expect to be out of work if I have both eyes done at the same time? Do you recommend having both eyes done at once or separately?
Omar E. Awad, MD:
Many patients return to work the next day after surgery.
Omar E. Awad, MD:
We give patients the choice of doing both on the same day or separate days.  Most people choose both on the same day, for convenience.
Hi i am 24 years old and have an amblyopic eye with a power of -5.5 sphere and -1.5 cyl. I have been suffering from this problem since birth but was able to discover it recently. I have been wearing glasses with a stable power for the last 2 yrs. Would lasik surgery be beneficial for me ? Would the number in my amblyopic eye reduce ?
Omar E. Awad, MD:
LASIK does not help amblyopia, which is due to the vision not developing during childhood.  LASIK can help you see without glasses as well as you can see now with glasses or contacts now.
What are the dangers of the surgery and the chances all will go smoothly? What price does this have?
Omar E. Awad, MD:
LASIK is a very safe procedure, but any surgery can have risks.  The biggest risk is that you may need a second operation or enhancement to get the best vision.  You can get more information at
I underwent Lasik surgery June 2006. I paid for the Lifetime Enhancement. During the last couple months I have experienced a reduction of sight in my left eye. After a routine exam with my regular optician, they advised I get the enhancement. I now have to get a fully dilated exam before being considered for the procedure. My question is: will the enhancement be the same as the original procedure, and what is the success rate of an enhancement?
Omar E. Awad, MD:
The dilated exam is to be certain that there is not some "other" problem with the eye that could be causing your vision to change - such as a problem with the lens, retina, or optic nerve.
Omar E. Awad, MD:
I tell my patients that most people find the enhancement procedure to be easier than the original procedure.
Omar E. Awad, MD:
Most people who get enhancements will only need it one time - so the success is very highl.
Hello sir, I'm planning to go for lasik surgery. I was having a squinting problem but then it got operated. Now I'm having +5.5 in my right eye and +7.5 in my left eye. I was having the squinting problem in my left eye only. Shall I go for this surgery?