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Benefits of Chiropractic Care
Thursday Apr 09, 2009, 03:00PM - 04:00PM (EST)
St Louis Chiropractor:
, St. Louis, MO
Approximately 6-12% of the population utilize chiropractic care, but 83% of those who use it report that they are satisfied or very satisfied with their care. Chiropractic care emphasizes the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the spine and musculoskeletal system. Chiropracters believe that these disorders affect general health via the nervous system and they take a holistic, conservative, homeostatic, and patient-centered philosophy towards treatment.<br><br> Join Adam Tanase, D.C. as he discusses the benefits of chiropractic care. In this hour-long chat, ask Dr. Tanase your questions about the advantages and disadvantages of chiropractic care and learn about the philosophies that underlie this approach to medicine. Learn firsthand what you should expect when visiting a chiropractor and determine whether this approach is right for you.
Welcome everyone to today's chat on the Benefits of Chiropractic Care. We're happy to have Dr. Tanase with us today to answer your questions.
Dr. Adam Tanase:
I'm happy to be here, and am looking forward to answers as many questions as I can.
I have experienced sciatic pain for over a year now. Would there be any benefits or relief from chiropractic care? If so how do I choose a qualified provider?
Dr. Adam Tanase:
Sciatica is interesting because in many cases, a few chiropractic visits are all that's necessary to reduce the pain. But in other cases, it can be due to muscle spasm, and simple exercises can alleviate the symptoms. When looking for a quality provider, I suggest you call the office and ask to speak with the doctor about it. If he/she doesn't return your call, or you get a weird feeling about the person answering the phones, then I'd recommend finding another office.
Dr. Adam Tanase:
The best doctors have the best communication skills, and if they're happy to talk with you over the phone, and can satisfactorily answer your questions, you're probably in good hands.
Sandy M:
Is neck manipulation appropriate for herniated discs?
Dr. Adam Tanase:
There are forms of chiropractic care that are perfectly safe for many disc-herniation cases. There are also forms that are contraindicated, or not recommended. My recommendation would be to find a chiropractor that specifically uses the Grostic, NUCCA, Blair, or Atlas Orthogonal technique. These adjustments are painless, and do not involve any twisting of the head/neck.
I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a child. The doctors watched it and decided I didn't need surgery, but they did say that I may have some back pain as an adult. I feel like I do carry more weight in my lower left back and it's often sore there. Can chiropractic sessions help with this? Can it correct my scoliosis?
Dr. Adam Tanase:
I've seen some truly marvelous structural changes in patients with scoliosis. One of the factors that determines how wells someone will respond is how early the corrections begin. The sooner the better. An 87 year old woman with scoliosis came to see me last year. She had rods surgically implanted in her spine because it had advanced so much. Unfortunately, she's an example of someone who waited too long.
Dr. Adam Tanase:
It's important to choose a chiropractor who's had his/her own success with scoliosis patients. They should be able to show you before/after pictures... that's always a good sign.
Carol 1:
Can a Chiropractor Treat Acid Reflux?  If so, how?
Dr. Adam Tanase:
This question has been asked twice, so I'll address it for each of you:
Dr. Adam Tanase:
It's important not to view chiropractic as a substitute for medicine by saying "does chiropractic *treat* acid reflux" -- It may sound finicky, but there's an important distinction. Medications are used to treat the effects of a condition. They handle symptoms. The purpose of chiropractic is not to replace medicine, and not to "treat" symptoms. Instead, chiropractors focus on the electrical system of the body - the Nervous System - which is the master controller of all body functions.
Dr. Adam Tanase:
Pertaining to ear infections, many children have benefited from chiropractic care. The reason this is able to happen is because of the control our Nervous System has over our immune response.
Dr. Adam Tanase:
While not every child with an ear infection will be able to benefit from chiropractic care, it's an approach that's safe and easy.
Dr. Adam Tanase:
A child's immune system is in a delicate stage during infancy. It's not fully developed, which is why kids are so prone to sniffles and sneezes, and of course ear infections.
Dr. Adam Tanase:
The chiropractic adjustment helps strengthen the immune system, thereby improving the way the child's own body adapts to the infection.
I have been receiving chiropractic care for thoracic oulet since late December. I'm finally feeling better. Should I continue care?
Dr. Adam Tanase:
If after seeing a chiropractor your TOS has subsided, it wouldn't be a bad idea to maintain your improvements on a periodic basis.
I've never been to a Chiropractor. What can I expect on a first visit?
Dr. Adam Tanase:
On the first visit, you'll have a consultation with the doctor. During this time, you'll explain what's going on, and he/she will discuss other aspects of your health history. If the doctor thinks your case may be helped with chiropractic, you'll have an examination. This exam may include a series of painless orthopedic and neurological tests that identify possible imbalances in the body. At this point, the doctor may order an x-ray series to see what's going on inside. After they've had time to analyze/study your findings, the doctor will schedule a visit to go over everything, and tell you what he found. He'll make a recommendation for care, and then its up to you with how you'd like to proceed.
I have some pain in my left hip near my lower back. It sometimes bothers me when I walk. it hurts more when I bend my back all the way backwards. Do you think this might be a problem with my sciatic nerve, lower back, or hip? How do i find out? What's the best way to treat it and will a chiropractor help?
Dr. Adam Tanase:
It doesn't sound like the sciatic nerve is involved in this case. It may be fixation of the SI joint within the pelvis. The best way to find out is fairly simple -- find a reputable chiropractor in your area and schedule a visit. They'll take a look and see what's going on. At face value, your complaint isn't anything out of the ordinary, and seems like it would be fairly simply to correct.
How many bones are in the human body?
Dr. Adam Tanase:
Last time I counted, there were 206 ;)
Hello Dr. Tanase,   I've heard that babies who have reflux sometimes are cured or their symptoms made less by a skilled chiropracter who has experience working with babies.  How can chiropratic care help Gastro Esophogeal Reflux .. especially in a baby?  I've often wondered.  Not that I don't believe this, but I could never understand the premise of what's done to help the symptoms.  Thanks.
Dr. Adam Tanase:
Our brain and spinal cords are the most vital part of the body. That's why they're protected with bone. I've long felt that the birthing process is the most excruciating experience we'll ever have in our live -- luckily we can't remember it! The process can be rough at times, and through this process, the head and neck can experience imbalance or trauma. The result can cause undue stress on the child's nervous system, which can impact any system in the body. Most often, newborns are going to experience ear infections and reflux.
Dr. Adam Tanase:
If you can scroll up and read my response about ear infections, the concept remains the same. Chiropractic adjustments can boost the immune response and balance the signals being sent from the brain to the body. As a result, reflux in children resolves. Not always, but enough that it's worth looking into!
I have had over 100 treatments. When is it time to stop?
Dr. Adam Tanase:
That's A LOT. Over what time period have you received these 100 treatments? If it's within a year or two, I'd find another doctor.
Dr. Adam Tanase:
The purpose of chiropractic is not to adjust the spine just because you showed up to the office that day... chiropractors should only adjust when necessary, as seldom as necessary.
Dr. Adam Tanase:
The fewer the adjustments a person needs, the better off they are... that's my personal opinion.