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Adolescent Health Issues
Tuesday Nov 09, 2010, 12:00PM - 01:00PM (EST)
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During adolescence patterns of behavior are established that can influence lifestyle choices that affect both the present and future health of a teenager. This is why the transition from childhood to adulthood is so important today.<br><br> Many of the health problems faced by teens affect them during their adolescent years, such as bullying, car crashes, suicide, substance use, violent and sexual behavior. Others may affect the person later in life, for example, lung cancer resulting from tobacco use initiated during adolescence. Often environmental factors such as family, peer group, school, and community characteristics also contribute to the challenges. <br><br> Take this opportunity to chat with an expert on the adolescent years of your child. Dr. Norr is a pediatric primary care physician at Cleveland Clinic’s Children’s Hospital specializing in adolescent issues. His expertise and experience in physical development, as well as, intellectual, and physiological growth may help improve the parent-teen relationship working through this transformational time. <br><br>
Yes you are an adolescent but also a young adult.  If your physician feels you have no serious underlying problems, you can try MiraLax or the generic version as directed.  What would be best would be to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and bran or high fiber cereals daily and avoid the fast foods.
I recently about 3 weeks ago suffered a lacerated and contusion kidney. I want to know when it is safe to drink alcohol. I suffer no pain in my kidneys anymore.
At what age do they test for dyslexia? my son writes his numbers 7 and 9 backwards
I cannot give you a good answer to your question, however if your injuries are related to alcohol or drug use, I would recommend that you have a drug/alcohol evaulate for dependency.  It is illegal to use alcohol or drugs in most states if you are under 21.  It is concerning if you having significant consequences from drinking.
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It is normal for children up to the age of 5-6 to reverse numbers and letters.  If this is persistant after the age of 6 speak to your school system or your pediatrician to arrange testing.
hi im 20 and i've been hearing cracks in my neck and back for a month now when i inhale and exhale also I hear cracks also when i look from left to right i hear cracks in my neck and also feel tingling over my body is this serious?
These are an unusual set of symptoms.  The crackles with breathing make me think of an air leak in the respiratory system causing air under the skin. However, the tingling over your body makes me think of hyperventialation.  I would recommend seeing your doctor.
hi i have an problem when i eat anything i blow up and feel like i ate an cow.  Even yogurt hurts and last for days. i had a colonoscopy and was fine but still i feel bad every day.
It sounds as if you have food allergy, or lactose intolerance.  If you have not discussed this with your GI doctor, schedule a follow-up appointment.  There are tests that can be done to evaulate your situation.
my penis is curved on left will it efect my sex life
Mild curvature is unlikely to cause any problems.  If you are having problem with an erection or have a severe curvature you should see a urologist.
i need some tips to gain some weight
If you are asking for tips to gain weight you are not suffering from anorexia.  Some people who are thin have difficulty putting on weight and are the envy of those of us who are overweight.  Your best bet for gaining weight is to start a weight lifting program under the supervision of a trained coach.  You also need to eat well with a well balanced diet.  I would avoid protein drinks, creatine and fad diets.
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My brother is significantly overweight. He's pretty good about his diet, but it's really difficult to get him to exercise or even just get outside. How can he be motivated to spend more time being physically active? My parents and I are very concerned about early onset of chronic diseases like diabetes. Thank you for your help!
Your brother needs to accept responsiblity to increase his exercise. Perhaps you could make this easier for him by making this a family project, even walking 1 or 2 miles, 3-5 times per week could make a difference.  You may also consider asking your brother to play tennis, racquetball.  Another possbility is to purchase a Wii game that comes with an exercise program or some kind of game that requires lots of movement.  It's great that you are invested in your brother's health.
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Thank you for having me, it was a pleasure to answer your questions.  If you would like further consultation on any of the topics discussed, myself or one of my partners would be happy to see you at the Children's Hospital at Cleveland Clinic.  To see me or any pediatrician, please visit our website