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My Diet Diary

Weight Loss that works.

The simplest way to track your calories, exercise, and weight. Achieve your goal and stay motivated.

  • Easiest and fastest food entry
  • Track over hundreds of exercises
  • View charts of your progress over time

Achieve Your Goals with MedHelp Health Apps 


I'm Expecting »

Keep track of everything that's happening to you and your baby with I'm Expecting!


My Cycles »

Track and predict your future menstrual cycles and fertile windows.


My Cycles Plus »

Everything My Cycles has to offer, plus BBT graph and themes to personalize your app!


Pic Healthy »

Makes healthy eating fun & easy with the help of your friends!


Sleep On It »

Wake up rested and refreshed with this sleep tracker and alarm clock.


Moody Me »

Mood diary app to track your mood and take pictures & notes of what effects it.