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Healthier School Lunches for Kids

Skip: Plain Old PB&J

Skip: Plain Old PB&J

Deceivingly unhealthy, the iconic lunchbox staple heaps added sugar into your child’s lunchbox: One tablespoon of jelly or jam has nearly nine grams of added sugar. Topped off with two slices of white bread, this sandwich dishes up nearly an entire day’s worth of the recommended added sugar intake.

Plus, two tablespoons of brand-name peanut butter with hydrogenated oils packs on cholesterol-spiking saturated fat — as well as almost 10 percent of your kids’ recommended daily salt intake. Time for a new go-to sandwich.

By Elizabeth Carey. Published October 1, 2012. Elizabeth Carey is a Denver, CO-based writer and editor. She fuses a passion for journalism with health, fitness and outdoor activity.