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Truman Medical Centers (TMC) is a not-for-profit, two acute-care hospital health system in Kansas City, Missouri. As the largest provider of safety-net medical care, TMC offers accessible, state of the art, quality healthcare. More
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Stress has many adverse effects on the heart and the body in general. It will increase the levels of adrenalin in the body which increase the BP a...
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You can have a PFO which is demonstrated on the echo but the MRI tests for damage to the brain ie, it checks for small strokes. Since about one in...
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You likely need to see an electrophysiologist and you may need to have an ablation.
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The symptoms may be related to your heart and clearly this needs to be evaluated to determine the cause of the symptoms.
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Patients with diabetes can have atypical or no symptoms so in general they merit an aggressive evaluation. A repeat cath is unlikely to cause scar...
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