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Since 1852, The Mount Sinai Hospital has been a source of major advances in medicine, including blood transfusions, flu vaccines, liver transplants, genetic research and geriatrics. The Hospital fosters an environment in which innovation is encouraged and achieved. More
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I hope that the liver can regenerate, especially if the HCV can be cured.
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for 4 years out this is an adequate level, especially if you are on cellcept as well, which is a common combination that many liver transplant cent...
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there is no contrainidcation whatsoever to having or taking care of a dog while immunsouppressed as long as the dog has had the standard shots. ca...
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this appears to be a drug reaction.
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i suspect that this indeed can be a drug reaction that will take some time to resolve. using skin moisturizers is imperative and taking atarax (si...
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