Week 22-UND Journals
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Week 22

Feb 01, 2012 - 0 comments

Just receive lab results on week 20 UND so freaking happy ...all is great on results just a few a little low but still within reason.
Still feeling out of it some days I figure it's time to get off my butt and try some exercise going to YMCA today.I'm going to start off with beginners yoga.  I still have a hard time with getting out of breath very easily but I'm hoping that's something that will go away in a month or two after all the drugs are out of my system, I've notice my bones starting to ache a little more and read up on it it says that could be some of the side affect from treatments gee weez I have a feeling there will be more to follow if it's not one thing it's another.
Now I'm waiting on results from urine taking yesterday it hurts when I try stop peeing not during or before but at the end so waiting for GI to call me back won't here from her until Thursday because she is at another office today...nothing like making you wait.
Still have the blurred vision went to 3 specialist all of them say it due to my treatments just hope for the best after treatments that that will fade away as well. Do you ever get tired of being tired bored of being bored along with way to much time to think of so many different things (that **** me off) well that's me probably the riba.

It's been hard doing this all by myself and I think what makes me mad is my sister or brother NOT ONCE during this 2nd treatment even bother to call me just to see how I was doing not once what a heart break that is. It has changed my whole out look on my family (certain members) when needed they weren't there to even say hey I love you and you'll get through it, this is just some of the things I have thought about during this treatment...angry? very.
Could this be the riba? maybe.

I'm hoping to go back to work at least start off part time being on treatments for a year and a half has taking a big tow on my body and mind. I GOT LAZY to boot, lol but I need something more in my life right now and beating this Hep C is most important in my life.
I have dreams yet to fulfill and by the Grace of God I will do them.