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lilly-May's birthday!

Feb 13, 2012 - 2 comments

Ok so as most of you know i've been incredibly uncomfitable for a while now and doing LOTS of walking to try and get her to come out. The week before i'd walked a good 3-4 miles with my mum and the day (Thursday) before Sam and i had a walk through a country park. When we got home from our walk i had said to Sam i wasn't feeling great and was stupidly tired so went and had an  hours sleep. When i woke i felt worse, as it was a Thursday Sam hosts the local pub quiz which normaly i love to go to. Around 6pm i had started getting BH and felt rubbish so for the 1st time decided to stay home and not go to the quiz. When Sam returned home around 11pm i was still having BH and although they were coming roughly 10 mins apart weren't getting stronger so thought nothing of it. When i woke in the morning (friday) around 10am they seemed to have stopped, they were still there but further apart so thought they were going off.
Around 12.30pm i was still in my PJ's planning on having lazy day. I was mid conversation with a freind on the phone when i felt pressure then a small 'pop', followed by a trickle. I quickly went to the loo and some more came out, when i wiped it was clear so checked to see what part it was coming from, ( wasn't pee!!). As i was only wearing a small pantie linner i thought best if i went and put on a maternity pad, as i was walking to the bedroom i had a 'proper' contraction. (Ouch!!).
So i sat back on the loo and called Sam as he was out signing on the radio and luckily was on his way home, as he returned like a second later. He was panicing bless him, I wanted to wait as thought contractions wasn't that far apart then all of a suden i relised they were like 3 mins apart, So off we went. Getting down 4 flights of stairs wasn't much fun!.
We got to the hospital a about 1.30pm, i was already 4cm, i just had gas & air. it only seemed like seconds and all of a suden i was 10cm and pushing!. She was born shortly after at 2.50pm, no stuggles, no stitches, just quick and easy! I couldn't ask for a better birth really. Although the last month hasn't been great i can't realy complain.

Just soooooooo happy i can finally say im a mummy. :-)