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Scenario 9 [Surprise!] Part 1

Sep 18, 2012 - 0 comments



What is this











[I have unfinished scenarios, which is why this is #9, but I don't think I'm ever finishing them]

     I sighed as I sat in my English class, awaiting for the end of the school day to come. We were taking a test, vocabulary to be more precise, and there was only five minutes left. The room was full of silence, not even the clock dared to speak. Looking to my left, I saw that everyone was either: working on the quiz, writing random things, or texting. Leaning against the beige wall, I thought of nothing else to do but text some people.
     I turned my body twenty-five degrees clockwise, so I were to face the beige wall in front of me. I reached into my pocket, and slowly took my phone out. The time said that it was 2:38PM. Two more minutes of this silent hell, then freedom for two days. I looked at the top of my phone and saw that I had received a text, it was from Kevin.
     The text said, "I have surprise for you (:"
     I smiled and replied with, "Oh really? What is it? d:"
     A few seconds later, he texted back with, "You'll see really soon (:"
     Mrs. Brown got up and I quickly replied with, "Aha alright then~" and shoved my phone back into my pocket. She was telling everyone to pass up the quizzes and start packing up because the bell was going to ring soon. She came up to my row first, and headed down towards her desk. After collecting the papers, we all waited in anticipation to exit. The bell rang, but no one made a move. We finally learned that the bell does not dismiss us, not in her class. She smiled and said that we were able to leave, and I was the first one out.
     I quickly took my phone out, just because I enjoyed taking my phone out for no reason. I quickly changed my phone back on full blast and was heading towards the ASB, where I always go after school. I heard my phone go off as I got a text, and I quickly took my phone out and read the message. It was Kevin, he said, "Flagpoles are really great places to go to meet people if you get lost, don't you think?"
     I didn't understand it during then, and tried to think of a reply while I was walking towards the ASB. If you were unaware, the ASB is right across the flagpole and right next to the office. As usual, Nico and I were there before anyone else, besides Jordan. I forgot momentarily about what Kevin had texted me, until I saw the top of our flagpole and it reminded me of the text.When I started looking down the pole, because I was staring at the flag, I saw him.
     My heart was racing, I kept telling myself that he wasn't actually there. He was facing the front office, there were signs everywhere around the school homecoming. Then turned around to find me looking straight at him. He smiled and waved at me, and started walking over. None of my friends realized what was going on, until I decided to drop my stuff and run towards him. Of course, I raped hugged him. Although, he was able to take the impact of my running rape hug pretty well, very well to say.
     "There is no way that you're actually here," My ear was facing his chest and I was looking towards the library, I wasn't able to believe that he was actually here.
     "Oh, well then I must be your imagination," He laughed a little. "Then again, if I wasn't really here, how are you hugging me?"
     I let go and I went back to go get my stuff. He followed me back, looking at my friends and at the school. My friends were looking at me with a "what the hell" face. When I noticed that they were looking at me, I looked back at them.
     "What. It's not like I've never done that before," I had a sort of confused face on. "Why do you now choose to look at me like that."
     "No reason," Cassi replied. After a small pause, she said, "It's just been a while since you've been so happy to see someone that much."
     Julie was looking at Kevin, trying to remember if she's seen him around from somewhere. Nico was paying no attention to what was going on, he couldn't have cared less. Jordan was looking from Kevin to me, to Kevin, to me. I picked up my stuff and put my backpack back on. Kevin then tapped my shoulder and decided to whisper something in my ear. He had to bend down quite a bit, just to be able whisper into my ear.
     "Should we go now? I feel awkward being around all your friends actually, if that's fine with you." I couldn't blame him, you couldn't get used to my friends within just one day of being with them. Sometimes, it's just impossible to be able to get along with them at all.
     I nodded and I grabbed his arm and started dragging him towards the exit while the rest of my friends were waiting for Ariel and Darren. I waved bye and quickly turned and fastened my pace, dragging Kevin along with me.
He quickly matched my pace and we were walking quite fast. He laughed a little and we started slowing down, I ended up holding onto his arm how I hold on to Christian and Shaniqua's. Uh.. Like how a Koala holds on to a bamboo stick. We were going up the ramp to the bridge and loosened my grip around his arm.
     "Sorry for just dragging you away like that," I laughed under my breath.
     "It's fine it's fine," he smiled. "I'm just wondering why we're moving so fast, like, are we racing someone or something?"
     "They walk the same way, and I really don't like walking with Jordan," I sighed. We were halfway across the bridge and I heard bikes behind us. After I figured out who it was, I sighed and said under my breath, "Speaking of Jordan..." I got closer to Kevin and tightened my grip.
     I was right, and Jordan went right in front of us on 'his' bike and stopped right in front of us. Kevin and I stopped dead in our tracks. Then I tried to go around him, and he wouldn't allow it. It was hard to go around while holding on to Kevin, but I knew if I let go there was a better change of me getting caught. I sighed, I was about to let go of Kevin and try to trick Jordan; although, Kevin decided to talk instead.
     "What do you want? Can you not see that we're walking?" He noticed how I reacted to Jordan's presence, and knew I didn't want him there.
     "Who are you anyways? You just suddenly show up here and take Sarena?" He looked back at Kevin.
     I was about to open my mouth and say something, but Kevin continued. "I'm Kevin, that's all you need to know. What, is it bad if I decide to show up and surprise her?"
     I decided to let go of Kevin and go up to Jordan, slap him, and say, "What the f*ck Jordan. Why are you here. Don't you think that there's a reason I'm starting to walk with you guys less and less? Oh my God Jordan go away. Get the f*ck away. Can you not see that we're walking here?" I knew that wouldn't work, but it put him into a short daze while thinking about what I just said. I used that as my advantage and swiftly went around him, and Kevin caught on and got around him as well. Jordan noticed as soon as we got passed him, talk about a slow reacting, and started following us.
     I grabbed Kevin's wrist again and dragged him to the right, when we'd normally go left. I told him to run up the drain line and just keep going up. He went up first, and I followed. The hill was steep, but it was the fastest way up the hill. Also, Jordan would not have been able to bring his bike up that way. I was hoping that he wouldn't be able to catch up, so when we got to the top I looked down the hill to see where he was. He was near the end of the bridge, I guessed that he was waiting for the rest of the people.
     I laughed a little and dragged Kevin the rest of the way into my neighborhood, where Jordan or anyone else wouldn't be able to find us easily. We stopped at the little playground, climbed on top, and sat there. We were full of laughter for no reason. There was really nowhere else for us to go, and I doubted anyone would actually try to get me. Besides, I was right in front of my house, so there was no point. The cool winter air gave me the chills, I forgot to put a jacket on this morning because I woke up too late to even consider it.
     Kevin noticed and took off his light grey jacket, and came up behind me to put it on me. His jacket was so comfy, soft, and warm. I wrapped myself around it and smiled, he smiled too. Then he sat right in front of me and we talked about everything and about nothing. I was unsure if any of my friends passed by, possibly, but I'm not so sure. Then a certain topic came up, one that caught my attention: homecoming.
     He was talking about how nice homecoming is and how it's an event you probably wouldn't want to miss. He also talked about how he noticed all the fliers at school mentioning that homecoming was that day, and asked if I was planning on going. Hugging me knees, I look right at my knees and shook my head. I explained that I didn't want to go, since no one else wanted to go with me/be my date. Well actually, because I didn't want to ask anyone and nobody asked me.
     He sighed in relief, and I wondered why. "I thought that you'd already have somebody to go with, so I was really unsure of this but," he paused for a moment and said, " do you want to go to homecoming with me?"
     I looked at him in shock and then smiled. "Of course!" I said. I was so happy, and then I paused for a moment. "Wait, you don't go to my school, so how are you getting in?"
     He smiled at the ground and, "I talked to some people, pulled some strings, bent some rules, and I got in."
     I hugged him, and realized another thing. "What are you going to wear though, wait better yet, why are you down here?"
     He scratched the back of his head and smiled. "My cousin moved down here and we decided to stop by to say hi and help them move. They live by Hillsborough, can you believe it? My moms letting me 'go exploring' aha. My cousin probably has something for me to wear."
     "Oh okay," I smiled. Homecoming started at six and it was only four. "Do you want to go around places around here for a bit? I mean, guys have been banned from my house and all..."
     "Why?" Kevin asked out of pure curiosity.
     "Because Jordan, and how much my dad doesn't like him and doesn't trust him," I loathed Jordan. "My dad has banned guys from my house because I let them in in the morning, even after he said not to. But what else was I able to do? He was sleeping in the living room." I sighed and said, "Well, it doesn't matter now. I'll ask him again during my sophomore year."
     We both stood up and starting walking off the playground. As we were walking, we were talking about how fun homecoming would be. There were times where he would just pet my head. Standing side by side, I was barely up to his shoulder. Through all those laughs and playful hits, we passed by someone who was just standing at the corner of a building. I didn't pay any attention to the person at all, I was too busy messing around with Kevin.
     As we turned another corner, I asked Kevin if he could give me a piggy back ride. He said okay and crouched down and I jumped on. I felt someone was looking at me from the corner we just passed by, but I didn't have enough time to check. We were off to go look around the area around us and just spend probably the whole day together.

Scenario 2

Jun 06, 2012 - 1 comments

     "How long is it until we get there?" You complained as we were biking along the streets of my old neighborhood. "Where are we even going?"
     "We're almost there, stop complaining," I laughed. I couldn't believe that I was going back to my childhood park. "So you've never been here?"
     "Nope. I've never really explored this area much, without friends it'd be no fun."
     "Thanks for coming with me. I didn't think anyone would come because of how far it is."
     "Well I don't live that far, unlike them. I'm surprised you biked this far and you're not even tired, you must really wanna get there quick."
     "The sooner we get there, the better. I don't wanna waste of second of daylight today."
     "I've never seen you so full of energy before."
     Before I was able to reply, we finally made it to our destination. It was a small park, like an island, surrounded by houses. It was mostly grass, and a small playground. The playground looked worn out and beat up with cobwebs in some corners. The big oak tree in the center of the whole park was still strong and standing. Unlike most parks, this park had no kids running around or playing around it.
     It was barely two and we had been biking for about an hour or so. I was reminiscing the past, remembering what my friends and I used to do at that park. Looking back, I realized how much I've changed: emotionally and physically. While I was doing this, you were looking around the deserted playground, trying to find out why I wanted to go there badly. To you, it probably looked like any other old beat up playground with nothing to do.
     Suddenly, I felt the bright clear tears sliding down my face and saw as my vision started to blur. I fell to my knees, my jeans not letting the green grass touch my bare skin. My hands were up to my mouth, I was trying not to cry my heart out. I was taking in deep gasps of hair, trying to calm myself down. Then you suddenly turned around and ran over to me, worry written all over your face.
     "What's wrong? Why are you crying? Did this place used to be something else?" You were looking and checking if I was hurt somewhere physically. "I've never seen you cry before, are you okay?"
     I was able to stop crying for a moment and slowly got up. You helped keep my steady, then brought me to a bench that was facing the playground. I shook my head and grabbed your wrist and brought you on top of the playground and sat on the wooden floorboards. I led you through the playground as if I had just gone there yesterday, and not 4 years ago. I sat with my legs up to my chest, and you sat right in front of me.
     "Hey, are you alright? It's just that, you seemed so happy that you were able to come here, then you just started crying out of nowhere. Are you okay?"
     I nodded, then I stared down at my grey jeans that had rips at the bottom. When we passed by the slides, I had realized how much I had grown since I was last there. I wiped away my tears then looked up at you. You looked really worried.
     "Can you tell me why you're so sad all of a sudden?" You crawled over by my side and sat next to me. "I don't like seeing you like this."
     I opened my mouth, but no words came out. I looked at you, then tried again. Slowly, I said, "I came here all the time when I was younger. This place used to be, well, like my home."
     "Oh, that makes more sense. I mean you-"
     "I was reminiscing the past, the goods and the bad. This is where I knew who my real friends were. This is where I learned to ride a bike. This is where I learned to jump off things, where I learned to somewhat climb tings. Where my friends and I would have nerf wards, where I learned that it doesn't matter where you are; as long as you're with friends you're bound to have fun.
     "I was just. . . remembering everything. I started to cry because I know that these people probably don't even remember me, or maybe I'd never see them again.It's. . . really hard for me to accept. And even if they did remember me, I doubt that they'd even care. I've missed them since I moved away."
     I slowly put my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes for a little bit. As I closed my eyes, I was able to feel someone stroking my hair. A few more tears escaped from my eyes, and I felt your finger wipe them away. Slowly, I opened my eyes. I was blinded by the bright light of the sun, then the first thing I saw was the big oak tree in the middle of the park; only a few yards in front of us.
     "Are you okay now?" He was looking up at the vast blue sky as the clouds were walking along the flow of the wind. "It's weird, seeing you like that. So. . . weak and vulnerable."
     "Aha, I'm sorry," I chuckled weakly. "I wasn't expecting myself to cry, nope. I'm glad I brought you here. I'm, well I should be, okay now. I'm happy you're here." I smiled.
     "I'm glad I came here too, what would've happened if I didn't?" He laughed a little bit, then sighed. "Hey, can I tell you something?"
     "Sure, you can tell me anything!"
     "Promise me first, that after I tell you this, we will still be the same friends. Like, nothing will change in a bad way."
     "Sure, I wouldn't want our friendship to change like that anyways."
     "I um. . . I sorta. . ," you were stumbling with your words, then soon acted as if we had never really talked to each other before. "The thing is, um, I really really like you."
     You were looking at me, then when I looked at you, you quickly looked away. I smiled to myself and said, "And I really like you too. Wasn't that obvious?"
     "Well I know now," you looked at me, then smiled. "Will you go out with me? I don't promise a perfect relationship, but I'll try my hardest to fix every problem we run into and to show how much I care for you."
     "I'd love to go out with yo," I lied my head back onto his shoulder and closed my eyes. "I think I love you as much as I love this park."
     "Then you must love me a whole lot!" You laughed, then put your head on mine. "Don't just reminisce your past here, it's time to make some new ones; starting now."
                                                                   ~End Of Scenario 2~

Author's Note: I was also trying to work on imagery in this scenario. I do wish that this could happen to me, or something like this. Also, the scenarios have nothing to do with each other, if they do then I'll say so in the beginning of the scenario.

On a more personal note: One day, I will bring you there, and you will love it. And if you don't, I will, because that place really helped in molding me into who I am today.

Scenario 1

Jun 05, 2012 - 0 comments

     It was midnight and I was lying there, half awake. All of my friends were asleep and the internet got boring. I was laying under my blanket in the summer heat, without it, I'd freeze. I stared at the ceiling; surrounded by darkness, it was all I could do. I started to think about my feelings for you, and how many possibilities there were. Before I was able to think of more scenarios of us together, or me confessing my feelings for you, I suddenly heard a buzzing noise.

     I quickly came back to reality and looked for my phone, until I realized that it was under my pillow. I quickly grabbed it and looked at my phone, wondering who would call me that late at night. And to my surprise, it was you. I was wondering why you'd call me so late at night, then answered my phone.
     "Hello?" I said in a quiet voice, trying to avoid waking my roommate.
     "Hey there," your voice was deep and quiet. If my friends were able to hear you, they would've said that sounded like a pedo. I knew you were tired, it was 12:15 AM and you'd usually be asleep by then.
     "So why you calling me so late at night? Not that it's a problem, just wondering," I was glad that you called me, because I was kind of missing you.
     "I wasn't able to sleep, and you're the only person I know that was probably awake," you laughed a little, it was barely audible.
     "Oh okay then," I smiled because I knew you were lying. I was able to hear the tiredness in your voice, you had a reason to talk to me. "So what's up?"
     "I'm standing outside your patio door," you laughed, and I couldn't help but smile.
     "No you aren't, you liar!" I silently laughed to myself and shook my head. "You're so weird."
     "Well that hurt," you said sarcastically. "But you're right, I'm not outside, I'm under my blanket talking to you on the phone."
     "Haha I was right! So how's everything going?" I wad still overly happy at the fact that you were talking that I didn't realize my voice was raising little by little. Good thing I was under a blanket too.
     "Well, it's dark and I'm under a blanket, so it's pretty hot under here. What about you?"
     "Laying under my blanket, talking to you. I was bored, I didn't think you'd be awake at this time."
     "Whaa? But you know how I like to stay up."
     "But I thought you'd be forced to sleep again."
     "Oh, well, I was sent to bed, not forced to sleep."
     "That's true, so very true."
     For the next hour or so, we were talking about, well nothing in general. We laughed and just kept talking like idiots with nothing better to do, actually, we were. Then we started saying thinks that most people didn't know about us. Then soon enough, our conversation got very serious and got to the topic of love. Although, it was also 1:30AM and we were both on the verge of passing out.
     "What's your greatest fear when you confess your feelings to someone?" You asked me slowly. I was able to tell that you could've passed out any second, and I knew where our conversation was going.
     "Hm? Interesting question, why not take a guess?"
     "No. I can deal with rejection. I'm more afraid of the way the person acts towards me, in a negative way. That he couldn't do what we would normally do with be because he'd have known that I liked him."
     "So do you mind telling me who this lucky guy is?"
     "I don't know. . ."
     "I won't tell him, I promise."
     "That's not the problem."
     "Then what's the problem?"
     "I doubt he feels the same way," my voice was getting slower as my fatigue was catching up to me.
     "What makes you so sure?" The serious tone in his voice overcame the tiredness.
     "I don't know, I just don't know why he'd like me back."
     "Just tell me who he is. Nothing will change in a negative way if you tell me, I swear."
     "The person I like, is um, you. . ."
     "No you've finally told me."
     "Wha- what do you mean 'finally'?"
     "I've known for quite a while already, it was obvious. And because of our friends in my English class, they sorta wrote something on the white board that made it pretty obvious. And that rose you gave me.. but you never gave one to anyone else," you laughed a little. "And I've just been waiting for you to confess to me."
     "So I'm guessing you don't feel the same way, I already guessed that." My voice cracked a little.
     "What? When did I ever say that?" I was able to hear a form of worry in your voice, as if you were afraid that you've hurt me a little.
     "So you mean-"
     "Yes, I really like you too," you said it with such kindness, straight from the heart.
     "No joke? You're serious?" I just couldn't believe him for some reason.
     "Why would I lie to you about this? Let alone joke about it."
     "This is great, I'm so happy. So uh, now what?" I was on the verge was almost two in the morning.
     "Will you go out with me?" He said those words so slowly, that I thought that he was gonna pass out at any moment.
     "I'd love to," I said with a silent chuckle. My eyes were almost shut and my words were barely a whisper. I seemed more sleepy than him as well.
     "And I love you too," he laughed a little bit, and then I fell asleep.
     The boy I've liked for almost four months liked me back, I could've never been happier. I fell asleep with a smile on my face, with those three words he said to me. "I love you."

                                                                 ~End Of Scenario 1~