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[POEM] Save Me

Oct 27, 2012 - 0 comments


I'm proud how much I've improved in my poetry, and this is a great way to compare. The first one was written on January 5, 2012, and the second one was written on October 27, 2012. The second one sounds like a continuation of the first one.

Let it end
Let me fall
I reached for your hand
And you let go

I looked up at you
Your back is turned
I fall into the black abyss
My lesson learned

You let me fall
You didn't care
When I needed you the most
You weren't there

Don't give me your hand
Don't waste my time
I don't need your help
I'll be just fine

... I can save myself

[Save Me]

In this dark abyss, no light can be seen
Endless darkness fills my vision, nothing insight
Nothing to be heard. Nothing.
I see a spec of light ahead of me

My legs refuse to move, they feel too heavy
As I look down, shackles are what I see
The light gets farther and farther
I scream, but no sound comes out

I fall to my knees, crying. Hope and doubt circle around me.
Faster and faster they run, surrounding me with thoughts,
positive and negative. The winds get stronger, I see an opening above
I reach out, trying to break free, but they closed me off

In despair, I fall to my knees and cry in silence
A tornado of thoughts swirling around me, the only color I see
My head full of darkness, the blood-red tornado swirls
Causing up a deadly storm, which ends in despair

I have to save myself again, but again, how?
The tornado, closing in, speeds up faster and faster
A single crystal rolls down my face, a single rose appeared before me
I touched the rose, and it withered before my eyes

Hugging my knees, I sob to myself more and more
The clear crystals turning into bloody rose petals
The tornado, closing in, rose petals falling around me
I look up, to find them black, dead, withered

I stuck a finger into the tornado and winced in pain
The tornado was about to eat me whole, devour my existence
One last tear, and I look up and say to myself,
"Why dd no one try to save me....?"

My Heart

Jul 07, 2012 - 1 comments



How do I explain these feelings I feel
This can't be happening, these feelings too real
I am confused, thoughts running through my mind
The crystals on my face are leaving me blind

You are paying no attention to my feelings nor me
So why is my heart so blind, that it cannot see
See that you do not feel the same way
For the stupidy of my heart, I have a price to pay

The pain and misery of having my heart break in two
From somebody that, from the beginning, was never mine
One-sided heart break, everybody has felt before
That pain I will feel, I have already felt so many times

Eventually, I will break, cry and hope to die
The sadness in my soul will engulf all that is left
And it will unwillingly put all my friends love and care to the test

My stupid heart cannot handle such pain, such hurt
Because it had always put itself on the line,
hoping that one day, just once, someone would put me first

But my idiotic heart forgets how fragile it is, how easily it can be broken
Once it's hopes and dreams are crushed, it's voice is easily outspoken
Whenever it breaks, when it can no longer stand on it's own
It hides away from the world, hiding in a dark abadoned corner, alone

This goes on for a random amount of time, hours to days,
Days to months, months to years, alone, my heart will lay
Hidden away from everyone to see, you'll notice something in my eyes
You can see the emptiness within me, if you can look past my lies

Don't worry, it's not your fault I have to go through this pain
It's mine and only mine, for more reasons that you think
When I fall for someone, I fall too fast and too hard
But it's something I can't erase, our lives written in ink

You rose me up, unaware of how high I was rising
Unaware of my feelings for you, how inside, I was dying
Unaware that this was why, even if your jokes were crap, i was lauging
And now you know why I someitmes lay in bed, crying

None of this is your fault, no, only mine
My stupid young heart will have to learn in time
That falling so fast and so high, comes with a price
And mostly half the time, that price isn't something nice.

Dear No One

Jul 07, 2012 - 1 comments



Dear No One,

Can you please tell me why I'm crying
Why whenever I see him, I feel like I'm dying?
Because I know that he can never be mine
I know that he is someone else's light to shine

Can you please answer my questions?
Of why and how my life became so hectic?
I used to be such a sweet little girl
A sweet little girl with no care in the world

Is there a reason for why I'm so crazy?
Probably because I fill my head with maybes?
Soon enough the my heart would be so confused
Soon enough my soul will be abused

Why do I like him so much?
Why do I enjoy the feel of his touch?
Even if it's only our fingers brushing
To the extent of our prolonged hugging

How do I tolerate how my parents are treating me?
Because clearly they are too blind to see
To see that their daughter is breaking the rules
Stupidity taking over her mind, making her into a fool

When did life become so complicated?
Now it seems like whoever we are, we are hated
No matter what, and no matter what we say
They go day by day without a price to pay

Who are these people who keep on judging us
We have nothing to do with them, so why make a fuss?
Can't they live their lives and butt out of ours?
It seems like their wasting their time on us, even hours

What is the meaning of the stupidity of this generation?
What happened to all the innovation?
Why do the young kids of this time, as of now
They're learning too many things at a young age, how?

Where did the innocent go?
Are they now afraid to show?
Or is their entire populatoin extinct
They were here just one second ago, then 'blink'

So please, no one, answer my questions
Because I have nothing else to say or do
These questions keep running around in my mind
I know I'm not the only one asking these questions too.

I just felt like posting this, because of course, you guys haven't read it yet..