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6 Month

Aug 09, 2012 - 1 comments

Quinlan had her 6 month appt yesterday.
She weighed in at 15 pounds(34% on weight)
27 inches(92% on hieght)
The Dr was amazed at her sitting by herself unassistd
She put her on her belly to see what she does , she reached for her toys and the paper
and lifted up her chest no knees yet
We get home and she is playing and here come the knees I couldnt believe it! Nothing yet but
she just wants to go. She pulls on things and does the snake its so cute
She is reaching her milestones wonderfully, and the Dr was very happy with her well being
There is a shortage of the 3in1 DTAP shot in MA so they are reserved for 2 and 4 month olds, the
6 month olds have to get 3 pricks for this, and then she needed her Hep B and rotavirus drink.
I let her get 2 out of the 4 shots and 1 Drink. We got back the 21st and she will get her other 2 shots
I didnt like the idea of her getting 4 shots at once :(