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Summer adventures

Sep 17, 2012 - 3 comments

Quinlan had such a very busy summer! We had a great time creating memories with her.
We started off our summer with a Trip to Roger Williams Zoo, Quinlan was still very young so sadly she slept the entire time!
We then went to Maine, where Quinlan fell in love with the ocean just like Mommy and Daddy
Many day trips followed, including Southwicks Zoo, New England Aqaurium, Maine, New York, the lake(complete with 1st boat ride)
We wrapped up our summer with our great friends Krichar and T
The week started with a trip to Logan International Airport where we picked them up!!
Quinlan and T then had their first "date" at The Continental just outside of Boston, we then traveled North to Maine, Where we spent 2 nights at camp. We went to the ocean the 1st morning and the kids loved playing and eating the sand!
We took them to see Fort McCleary which just has some amazing views of the ocean and all the boats!!
From Maine we traveled to Salem, MA. We took in the scenary, went through the Witch Museum(not the real real one althou they have the same name :/), Had some ice cream and did lots of walking!!!!!
From Salem we came home, Wednesday was a stay close to home day, we went to Southwicks Zoo, the kids had a great time seeing the animals, T especially loved the piggies!!! So cute these little piglets were
Thursday brought us to Mystic, CT and the aquarium. LOVED it here! The belugas as gorgeous and come right to the windows of the tank!!! The kids were in awe of them, we went throu the bird aviary where we got many visitors on our feed sticks! Up close and personal with some very colorful birdies!!!
Inside was just as fun, from the fish to the sharks(yes I touched a shark!!), to Charlotte the rescue turtle!!
We then drove down the road and walked along the Mystic Seaport border
Friday we went back into Boston, We went on the Duck Tours in which the kids loved the ride, the freah air in their faces and just being on the water!! We then strolled through Quincy Market, had some lunch and then walked to the Childrens Museum!! This place was fantastic!! Quinlan loved the fish tank and mirror go figure! T loved the water table and the fact he could beeline anywhere in the place!!! So cute!!
This wrapped up our week, we came back home the kiddos were exhausted and we had to be up and out the door for the trip back to Boston to say See you soon to our friends

Quinlan stayed behind as she doesnt much enjoy the car and had several meltdown throughout the week
So Mommy drove our friends to the airport and said See you soon,.....

This am we woke up to the 40s and I think its safe to say far well summer... Thanks for the Sun and FUN!
Cant wait to see you again soon!!!!!!