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Need to sell myself as to why I need to take Early childhood education to start a daycare and be successful.

Aug 19, 2009 - 4 comments

   So Im on EI (employment insurance cuz Im jobless) my aunt works for EI in another province and told me I can get my EI pay extended and they will pay for school. The catch, I need to sell myself and prove that I will have employment if I get this course.  Im going to try to get an early childhood education course so I can start a daycare from home.
   Things in favour for me to take this course is: Husbands Military so this is something I can do no matter where we move to. No matter what the economy is doing, military wont be losing their jobs, so I will always be in demand.
   Thats all I have so far. Does anyone have any ideas that will help support my decision to take this course?