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january 2010

Jan 12, 2010 - 0 comments

I started bcp yesterday...have to take them for 21 days...then back to the re for us /bw. he will then decide which protocal to use: long vs micro flare. he keeps changing his mind and now he's on vacation for two weeks.
said if my follies are greater than 6 then will stick to the long but if under 6 he will use the short protocal. very nervous as i don't know what i'm in for here. : (
oct ; fsh 12.4 follies 7
nov: fsh 11.9 follies 4
dec: fsh 9.9 follies 4
jan: fsh 8.8 follies 12

i'm not getting my hopes up high bec this clinic keeps changing their minds and it's stressing me out.

iui vs ivf - decisions decisions- slowly going mad...

Nov 30, 2009 - 0 comments

i may as well write about all my frustrations...otherwise i feel like i'm going to lose my mind!
i keep getting different tunes from my dr and do not know what to believe or what to try.
after my last day3 monitoring, i have been told i have to move i have to decide whether to do a lap in the new year and then try iui's...or head right for ivf. with the xmas holidays december is a right off as the clinic is closed a few days...first they were aiming for me to do the lap and then try iui's...but now they are telling me bec of my age (38), high fsh level and very low antral follicles (2 on each side) my chances are very slim on both procedures but i should perhaps go right into the ivf... 10% chance of success for the iui and 20% for the ivf...those are both low numbers...
since my tubes spasmed during the hsg it's not confirmed if they r truely blocked or just a spasm...the only way he would know is if he did a lap but that will take time..prob end of jan 2010...recovery time ,etc...but i was told i may not have that time to play around with my i'm back at the drawing i do ivf right away in the new $10k a shot  a month....he also said most likely they will have to do three in a row...tht's $30k and no guarantees... hubby is not happy bout that but i dont know what to tell's all a risk and chance we may or may not take to do's so times i feel like i'm going to have a nervous breakdown.
going to the ivf info session this week...hope it doens't confuse me even more...