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Happy 2nd Birthday my beautiful boy

Jan 28, 2012 - 21 comments

Time marches on and I cannot believe you are now 2 years old.  2 years ago you chose me to be your mommy and changed my life in ways I could not even imagine.  Thank you for choosing us sweet boy.  

Every day with you continues to be an adventure.  Honestly, I could just sit and watch you every minute of every day.  Watch as you explore and discover new things and new abilities.  I just love your curiosity and love the look on your face when you find you have developed a new skill or ability.  You are so very Honestly, sometimes it's hard to keep up with you.  But I love it, every single moment of it.  You love to climb (and scare your poor mother to bits sometimes..ha).  Physical toys and activities are most definately the way to keep you happiest.  And you are so very determined. Once you set your mind to something it is extremely difficult to dissuade you.  

Your so smart!  You have an incredible vocabulary for such a little guy.  You often wake me up in the morning with "Oh Mommy...where are you??" in an adorable sing song voice.  I love that first moment of the morning.  Your all sleepy and snuggly...for about 30 seconds!  Then it's "down mommy, down" and off you go.  Your favorite toys are your cars and trucks, although you often warm my heart when you pick up a stuffed animal or toy and say "baby" and give it a little kiss.  Your so sweet.  And so empathetic.  You are always very concerned when you hear or see another child crying.  "Mommy, baby sad..".  I have to say I love that about you.  Your kindness often amazes others, and always makes me so proud.

I am proud of you.  Always.  Yes, we have entered the toddler years and I will admit, some days are challenging.  How many times do I say "no baby, that's danger" and I can see the wheels turning in your head.  I can almost hear you thinking "does she really mean no?  And what will really happen if I do it anyway".  It's hard for me to keep a straight face as what I really want to do is laugh.  It's your job to challenge me and although sometimes mommy needs a minute to take a deep breath, I still wouldn't have it any other way.

Some funny moments to tell you about in case you forget (and I will be reminding you of these moments - probably at your wedding or  Grocery shopping on New Years Eve day.  The store was crowded and people were a tad bit grumpy.  It was taking longer then normal and you were getting quite restless.  We were in the produce section when you suddenly reached over, picked up a tomato and said "ball" and threw it.  Unfortunately you hit the grumpiest man I have ever seen in the face (fortunately you can't yet throw it hard enough that it splattered or anything).  You immediately looked at me and said "Oh oh, sorry mommy".  I had to correct you, but honestly, it was hilarious.  This man was quite angry and stormed off..oh well, serves him right for being a grump!  I actually love taking you grocery shopping.  We chatter away and I will say something like "Ok Ryder, we need to get milk now" and you, at the top of your lungs "Oh milky, where are you..."  You make everyone smile and laugh.  

Your an entertainer.  Everywhere and anywhere we go where there is music you love to start dancing.  And if people start watching?  That just makes you get more into your little show.  I love that you can make people smile and make them happy.  I remember a few months ago we went to McDonalds.  As we were leaving you had to say "bye bye" to everyone.  A very elderly lady was sitting there all alone and she was just so taken with you.  She put her arms out to you and you looked at me, I nodded and you toddled over and gave her a big hug.  You really made her day my sweet boy.

I love that you have so much trust in me.  A little fall, bump (and even the odd cut lip) has you throwing yourself into my arms to kiss your owie.  A broken toy prompts you to bring it to me saying "mommy, broke" believing I can fix anything.  I know that a kiss from me won't always heal every owie you will encounter in life, but if it could, you know I would.   I dread the day you realize that mommy is not able to fix everything.  I'll sure try though.

So you are growing.  My tiny little infant is no more and is slowly being replaced by a big boy.  I miss the tiny years, but love today as well.  Sometimes I wish I could stop time, but I also so look forward to what will happen tomorrow.  I love you so much little man.  Happy Birthday.

Happy 1st Birthday Beautiful Baby Boy

Jan 22, 2011 - 15 comments

Where did the year go?  I cannot believe you are 1 today.  What an incredible year it has been.  To watch you grow and change, almost daily.  From a 4lb 14oz teeny tiny little man to a healthy, strong 20lb 1 year old. It seems like just yesterday you rolled over for the first time, held your head up, stood up.  We celebrated everything! Now you are  walking, chatting up a storm, you brighten every single day.  Little boy, having you was the best thing that ever happened to your daddy and I.  You changed our lives forever, and I can no longer even remember what it was like without you.  

You are so busy all the time.  And you are such a cheerful, happy little boy. So very social too! Strangers stop us all the time to comment on your million dollar make every one that comes into contact with you happy.  You love other children and love to play.  You are still affectionate and cuddly (sometimes..haha).  

You are so very very special and I want you to always know that.  I just know you have a wonderful future ahead of you, and I promise you that your daddy and I will do everything possible to make sure that you are able to take advantage of it.  You are so loved my little boy.  Happy 1st Birthday!!  Thank you for choosing me to be your mommy!

To our beautiful son......

Jan 06, 2010 - 7 comments

We have waited so long for you, and now you are almost here.  From the second we found out we were expecting you, we loved you.  I have to warn you, your mom and dad are far from perfect and I know we are going to make lots of mistakes along the way, but always always know how loved and wanted you are.  We will meet you soon sweet Ryder and can't wait to hold you!!

Lots of love,