Addiction recovery tracker
Addiction Recovery Tracker
If you're trying to quit smoking, give up alcohol, or break free of substance abuse, MedHelp's free Addiction Recovery Tracker will help you achieve this goal. Keep track of how much substance you've consumed on a daily basis and the withdrawal symptoms on your taper program. Knowing that today is a little better than yesterday will help you in your goal to be substance-free. If you're already clean or sober, declare it to the world with an addiction recovery ticker that displays how long you've been substance-free.
Addiction Recovery Tracker Benefits
Be proud of how long you've been clean or sober and share it with your friends and family with a ticker you can embed on MySpace, blogs, and other websites
Track your progress, withdrawal symptoms, and medications (e.g. Wellbutrin, Antabuse) daily with an interactive tracker.
Get support from other people who are also trying to quit or advice from people who are now substance-free in our Addiction Recovery communities.
Compare your personal addiction tracker to public trackers in the Addiction Tracker Gallery