Chemotherapy tracker
Track your Chemotherapy
Whether you're undergoing chemotherapy for breast, ovarian, lung, testicular, or prostate cancer, the free MedHelp Chemotherapy Tracker is a useful tool to understanding the effectiveness of your treatment.

For cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, it is important to track reactions to different chemotherapy drugs in order to help doctors find the most effective treatment. Even people who are diagnosed with the same or similar cancers will receive different chemotherapy drugs and experience different reactions to them. Doctors will often prescribe additional medications that help offset the side effects associated with the chemotherapy drugs.

The MedHelp Chemotherapy Tracker tracks lab test results, symptoms associated with chemo, and the specific drugs received. The tracker can be emailed to a patient's doctor or printed to take to doctor appointments.
Chemotherapy Tracker Benefits
View your lab results over time, including White Blood Cell (WBC) count, neutrophils, platelet, hemoglobin, and hematocrit.
Track symptoms and side effects associated with chemo.
Track medications and treatments, including the drugs used during chemotherapy as well as drugs used to offset the side effects of chemotherapy.
Keep a diary or journal of daily events, thoughts, and feelings.
Join a support community and find other members like you.
Compare your personal chemotherapy tracker to public trackers in the Chemotherapy Tracker Gallery