Fitbit aria landing
Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Body Scale
Tracks Weight, Body Fat, and BMI
To give you a more complete look at your weight management, the Aria tracks body fat and body mass index (BMI) as well as weight. Using several types of measurements helps you better understand your fitness progress. Weight can be measured in pounds, kilograms, or stones. The Aria's weight limit is 350 pounds.

Automatically Uploads Stats via Wi-Fi for up to Eight Users
The Fitbit Aria Scale uploads your data through Wi-Fi directly to your Fitbit dashboard. The scale will automatically recognize up to eight users by weight so you need only step on it to send your latest weight stats to your account. Your data on the scale remains private unless you choose to share it with other users.

Charts and Weight Management Tools Synced to MedHelp Account
Using your Fitbit account, you can track your progress with charts and graphs. All of your data could be synched with MedHelp so you could track your calorie intake, calorie outtake, activity level, and sleep all in one place.

Free Smartphone Apps
Fitbit offers both an Android and iPhone app so you can set goals and track your progress. If you're syncing your data to MedHelp, your Fitbit Aria data will also show up in MedHelp's free iPhone and Android apps, including My Diet Diary, Fit Friendzy, and I'm Expecting.

Get Motivated and Share Your Success
As you progress toward your weight goal, awards you with badges for extra motivation. If you prefer, you can build a support network by sharing your weight goals and achievements with friends and family on or through Facebook and Twitter. Fitbit's privacy settings make it easy to let you choose what to share on Fitbit, Facebook and Twitter.