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Fit Friendzy - Exercise Challenges App

Get in great shape and have a blast doing it with Fit Friendzy! The Fit Friendzy – Exercise Challenge App is all about challenging yourself to get in the best shape ever! Get your friends to do a challenge with you, join in on one with other Fit Friendzy users or do one on your own. Working out with others makes it easy to stay motivated! And with more than 50 challenges, ranging from walking 30 minutes a day for a month to completing the superman challenge, you’re guaranteed to never get bored. Whatever your fitness level or goal, there’s a challenge for you!

Fit Friendzy turns your iPhone into your own personal trainer, tracking your exercises, minutes worked out, distance, speed and total calories burned.

To get started, simply pick a fun avatar, choose your challenge and go! Get your friends to join and comment on each other’s activities, cheer each other on and celebrate when you complete a challenge! Fit Friendzy gives you the daily motivation you need to keep exercising and reach your goals!

Developed by MedHelp, the world’s largest health social network, and GE healthymagination, Fit Friendzy Exercise Challenge App takes the “work” out of working out!

Choose from more than 50 different exercise challenges, ranging from easy to insane
Challenges include: walking 30 minutes a day, running a marathon or half-marathon, yoga challenge, doing 50 one-arm push-ups, superman challenge, swimming 1 mile, playing basketball every week, and dozens more!
Want to do your own thing? No problem! Track any exercise you do and see distance, calories and more!
Track your minutes exercising, distance, speed and calories burned
Build your endurance, speed, strength, distance, reps and flexibility with daily tasks and to-do lists
Get friends to join you on challenges and view their progress or join in on a challenge with other Fit Friendzy users
Comment on your friends’ activities, send notes to cheer them on
See how often and how much you’ve exercised in an easy-to-read calendar view
Get a schedule of exercise activities to be completed each day to reach your goal
Check off exercises you’ve completed for easy tracking
Stay motivated and honest with a progress bar that tracks how much of each challenge you’ve completed
Feel good about what you’ve done — see how much you’ve exercised on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis!
Choose your own avatar from more than a dozen fun and sporty options
Sync/backup your information to
Get exercise advice from others by posting your exercise and fitness questions on MedHelp’s Health Forums, the world’s largest health social network
Print your exercise and weight charts